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Smart Home Auto System

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-Smart Home Auto System


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ANYPA u-Smart Home Network Solution

For affluent, convenient, sercure and joyful life, we are inviting you to a new living culture which has been dreamed by the whole human race.
ANYPA u-Smart Home Solution is a solution wih integration of various digital home appliances into a network at anytime and anywhere.
Smart Home Solution is a solution with integration of various digital home appliances into a network at anytime and anywhere.

* ANYPA u-Smart Home Automation

  Control of Home Appliances

  Control of electric Curtains

  Control of lighting Life mode

  Control Indor wireless control

  Control form outside

  Well-bing solution

* ANYPA u-Smart Home Sercurity

  Access control for entrance

  Notification of visitors

  Viewing Home Images

  Instrusion Detection

  Fire alarm

  Safe use of Gas

* ANYPA Home Entertainment Solution

  Network home Theater

  Sharing Broadcast Contests

  Sharing Digital Music

  Digital Album

* ANYPA u-Smart Information Solution

  Inventory System for households

  Net use controller Home Keeper Robot Upgrade information


* ANYPA u-Smart Home Sensor Solution

  Real Time InventoryTracker

  Sensor based security

  Useful sensor modules & Equipments

* ANYPA Health Exercise Solution

  Exercise with Entertainment

  internet Access facility

  Indoor Wireless control

* ANYPA Health Care Solution

  video Conference with Doctor

  Mini Hospital Solution

  Health Care robot

* ANYPA u-Smart Home Solution

  Real Time InventoryTracker Sensor based security Useful sensor modules

  & Equipments


??Secure and safety

??User friendly automation

??High Speed automation

??Well organized Education Package for UBQ Education Course

??Price is so cheap & has also discount for student

Product List

??ANYPA Home Automation Solution

??ANYPA Home Home Security Solution

??ANYPA Home Information Solution

??ANYPA Home Entertainment Solution

??ANYPA Home Home Sensor Solution

??ANYPA Home Health Care Solution

??ANYPA Home Health Exercise Solution

ANYPA Home Autiomation Solution

Modern world into the UBQ-World, now total world is grab into your hand.

So, the continue growth of ubiquitous technology, our living style is going to colorful. Just touch and give command, you can control digital home appliances and home automation devices, inside as well as away form home by the ANYPA Home Automation Solution and feel convenient, secure, joyful and affluent life.

Motion Detection

serves a dual purpose : Security for intrustion, occupancy for automatic lighting



ANYPA Home Server with Home Gateway, Internet facility.


PSTN Service

Control your Home by Telephone for emergency call, get status for emergency phone at home or away. Also, get a call to advice on temperature, security and more.

Heating & Cooling

Be comfortable at home.

Save energy when you are away.

Indoor/outdoor temperature and energy management.

Multi-Room Audio

Control music selections & volume around the house.

Temperature controller

Communicating thermostats for heating & cooling control.

Displays time & outdoor temperature.


Professional quality based security.


Control your irrigation solenoid values for lawn sprinklers, plus inputs for rain sensing.


Architectural quality lighting control, passive security for "live-in"look.

Vehicle Detection

Announce visitors, turn on lights & switch on TV to view driveway, etc.


Control filters, timers, heating, temperatures, solar control and more.


Control of home Appliances

You can start or monitor the Home appliances such as air conditioners, washing machines, microwave/gast ovens and dish washers via the Home Server,
Home Pad or a mobile phone locally and remotely. This service also supports the detailed control of a specific device and provides a reservation function.
home appliances include the premium Bellagio product group, a general built-in group and a free standing group.

Control of Electric Curtain

You can control the electric curtain, blind and roll screen by using ANYPA Home Server, ANYPA Home Pad or a mobile phone locally and remotely.

Living Mode Control

You can set a living mode such as go-out, stay-home, sleep, wake-up to individual devices according to your life style, and control them in an integrated way. You can change the setting, or create your own mode.

Control of lighting

You Can turn on or off any light for security purpose. While you are away, you can set right lighting for home theater movies.
If this function is applied to the entire lighting at home, they are controlled automatically considering the modes.
The modes are divided into 3 parts: Weather (Dark weather, Sunlight, Night times, Rainy mode etc.),
Room Environment mode (Home Theater Mode, Study Mode, Sleeping mode etc) & Function (Family meeting, birthday party etc).

Universal Remote Control

You can control the home appliance, gas valves, temperature controllers, lightings, door locks and so on with Home Pad or the universal sensor based remote control.

Using the universal remote control, in particular, you can control ll the existing A/V divices such as TV and home theater systems.

Control from Outside

Using a mobile phone or PDA while on the move, or via website in an office, you can monitor and control the home appliance network. Like same way you can also make video conference with office staff from home via your home pad.

Remote Metering & Display

You can read and analyze the power, water, gas meter of each house in real time, enabling efficient energy management. The utilization data for a given period are displayed graphically on the home server or the community portal via direct interaction with each remote metering system or with a remote metering server.


The temperature controller of your room will detect the temperature information, according to the temperature information
home pad will activate the air conditioner, fan etc. Also it automates the anion controller, air fresher, humidifier, hot cold
water controller, Oxygen generator, Ozone detector, CO2 or toxin detector.

Remote Upgrade

You can upgrade the cooking, washing or cooling algorithm, timer of the digital home appliances remotely,
making them function like a brad-new product without additional cost.
For example, cooking menus for microwave & gas oven, air conditioner, washing procedure for washing machine and dishwasher.

Automatic Fault Reporting

The Home devices self-diagnose their status. if a fatal fault occurs, they report it to the C&C Instruments Co,. Ltd
ANYPA Smart Home service automatically, and also notify the user via e-mail or text message service by mobile phone.

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