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Sensor Network Trainer System

-Building Energy Mangement System


-Smart Home Auto System


-Sensor Network Trainer System


-Lan Protocol Analyzer with Education Package


-Digital Storage Oscilloscope Series


-Function Generator


u-Sensor Network

Reflecting the ubiquitous core technology panels installed in the u-Smart Sensor Network of the various sensors and devices to monitor the status, cognitive status, and is optimally controlled.

The core technology for human resources theory, H / W, F / W, communications S / W practice learning and production

Power Supply Educational Theory, Design and Construction

After testing the test board, or the ubiquitous devices and connect the cable to control the practice.

After you connect to your PC and cable F / W development environment configuration is designed and built after the control program.

After configuring the development environment MFC ubiquitous Management Program is designed and fabricated.

- Configuration -

Sensor Light 1EA

Ceiling Light 1EA

Hallway Accent Light 1EA

Private Stand Light 1EA

Local Controller

Water circulating heating / cooling system 1SET

Air circulating heating / cooling system 1SET

Thermal efficiency of the display 2SET

Ventilation System 1SET

Device Status Display System 1SET

Gas Detector

CO2 Sensor

Sensor Light

Infrared Sensor

Warning Light

Magnetic Sensor


Temperature Sensor

Valve Controller

Ultrasonic Distance Sensor


Dust Detector Sensor

Blind (LED On/Off)

Smoke Detector Sensor

Window (LED On/Off)


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Sensor Network Trainer System Digital Storage Oscilloscope Function Generator