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Building Energy Management System

-Building Energy Mangement System


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Used in the actual building, equipment, devices configured with Building Energy Management System using the telemetering, power control and energy savings related to system design, implementation, and can acquire the skills.

Development, manufacture, installation and operation of the system in order to engage the core workforce is essential to configure the various sensors, telemetering, peak power control, LED lighting, air conditioning / heating, etc. shall be composed of modules.

23 inch rack installed extensions, mobile and easy to use and users can select the module.

BEMS equipments consist of the condition monitoring sensors and equipment for ADC/DIO, TCP/IP communication, PLC, Telemetering, for energy-saving LED Dimming Control, Peak Power Control, LED lighting, air conditioning / heating modules.

BEMS understand the concept and configuration, principles, and practical skills to make a system, curriculum, lecture, materials, provides training and simple controls with BEMS, scenarios, and smart control, etc., or a variety of applications related to optimization To design and produce educational materials that can be provided.


u-LED Lighting

Building internal and external lighting in low-carbon, green growth of the business core of the various parts of lighting using LED lights are mounted on the Panel.
u-LED Lighting control using the Illumination sensor with illumination.
Using a magnetic sensor according to one trillion people entering On / Off controls.
Using the distance sensor lights On / Off controls.
Key technology is associated with energy-saving technologies and Dimming Technology, based on the situation simpler control, scenario control, smart control Unique System is available.

u-Cooling & Heating

Building a central air conditioning, heating, local heating / cooling system is the concept of configuring.
Using water-cooled air conditioning, heating system, using air-cooled air conditioning, heating system consists of a building heating / cooling method can be applied to the evolution of geothermal and groundwater is an integrated system.
Expression, and hot-air circulation of air through the cooling tower and put a TCP is cold or warm air.
The expression of the underground water circulation, using hot and cold water in the radiators and the water supply system is the Green heating systems.
In each system, using sensors and temperature-controlled air-conditioning or heating, and thermal efficiency of conversion is controlled by the optimization.


Necessary to building a comfortable air conditioning system by reducing it to a miniature system is configured to allow Simulation.
Air-conditioning systems in buildings to reduce the production intern for the building structure of the air conditioning can be more easily understood.
Each room can control the air condition and air conditioning machine is controlled accordingly.
Air emissions / incoming flow conditions are expressed as LED.

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