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Mobile Analyzer
CDMA DM & Protocol Analyzer & Education Package

-Presentation of scenario display for user convenience
-temporal analyzer graph
-Support power control, vocoder rate, FER graph
-Auto call generation and statistics report
--Cell site optimize and analysis
-Status information of mobile station
Specification CDMA Pro. CDMA Sr.
Mobile PC & Mobile Phone

3 year-free upgrode to Ver3.0

Warranty 2 Years

Vocoder Rate

Temporal Analyzer
Temporal Graph

Tx/Rx/Tx Adjust Power Control

FER(Frame Error Rate)

Vocoder Rate

Channel Display
Foward/Reverse Traffic Channel Parameter

Access Channel Parameter

Paging Channel Parameter

Layer 2 Ststistic Parameter

Memory Viewer
Main Memory Control

Finger Viewer

Log Data Analyzer
Logging with Log Mask

Markov Test
Markov Statistic

Handset Emulation
Key Emulation

Handset Lock/Unlock

DIP Switch
DIP Switch

Protocol Analyzer(Later Ver2.0)
CDMA Decoder(IS-95A,B,C)Support


3 Data Format(Hexa/Summery/Detail)




Message Analyzer(Later Ver2.0)
Diagnostic Message Decoder


쇼핑몰 구매 바로가기(Sr)
쇼핑몰 구매 바로가기(Pro)

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